Participation Map


Participation Map is a Moodle plugin originally developed as the BushGrapher in 2011-2012 by Thomas Lextrait and Brant Knutzen, funded by a teaching development grant at the Teaching and Learning Centre of Lingnan University in Hong Kong, and released as open-source software under the GNU license.

Brant Knutzen designed and developed the Participation Map version 1 (BushGrapher) as a way to describe student activity in a Moodle discussion forum both quantitatively and qualitatively, and presented this research at the ICEL 2010 conference. Participation Map version 2 incorporates a scaled time axis, and is the design behind the automated Participation Map plugin. The research progress was presented at a University of Hong Kong TEL@HKU seminar in 2011, and at the CITERS conference in 2012.


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